BATMAN INCORPORATED #6 brings an attack by the Emoticon-Men and a visit from The Outsiders

Wayne Enterprises' latest press conference is interrupted by a strange new gang led by a villain calling himself "Emoticon-Man" - and Red Robin is appointed as the leader of the Batman Inc. stealth team (better known as The Outsiders) in the next chapter of Grant Morrison's globe-spanning Batman epic. BATMAN INCORPORATED #6 is on sale Wednesday. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Exclusive debut: Grant Morrison's SUPERGODS cover

On July 19th, Spiegel & Grau will release Grant Morrison's SUPERGODS, his non-fiction history and exploration of the superhero archetype. I've read through an early version of the book and found it to be the page-turner that I expected it to be: an enlightening, in-depth journey through seven decades of costumed superheroes, from the big ones like Superman and Wonder Woman to the most obscure, forgotten caped vigilantes.


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