Find out how Bruce Wayne returned, courtesy of Morrison, Garbett

Bruce Wayne is back – but how did the world’s greatest detective overcome Darkseid’s Omega Effect and return to his proper place in time and in Gotham? Writer Grant Morrison – in tandem with versatile artist Lee Garbett – presents a turning point in his ongoing and intricate Batman saga with BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #6, which, like BATMAN AND ROBIN #16, sets the stage for this month’s epic Batman launches and new direction. Check out a few pages from the issue below, which hits this Wednesday. [gallery link="file"]

THIS JUST HAPPENED: A startling revelation concludes Grant Morrison’s run on BATMAN AND ROBIN

BMROB_Cv16_ds.indd First off – have you read BATMAN AND ROBIN #16? If not, take a moment, step away from your computer (how often will I tell you to do that, huh?) and head to your local shop. Pick up the issue, read it and come back. All done? How about that last scene? Brings new meaning to the term “This Just Happened.”

Grant Morrison talks about the new characters introduced in BATMAN AND ROBIN v2

Our spotlight on all things BATMAN AND ROBIN continues and concludes today, with a special peek inside the mind of Grant Morrison, as the writer guides us through the various amazing new characters that first appeared in the second volume of BATMAN AND ROBIN, which hits stands in comic shops tomorrow as a DELUXE EDITION. Take it away, Grant. Squire and Knight


This week, BATMAN AND ROBIN v2: BATMAN VS. ROBIN DELUXE EDITION hits comic shops – and it’s not a stretch to say you’re in for a treat. The second volume of writer Grant Morrison’s epic Batman tale -- starring Dick Grayson in the cape and cowl and Damian as Robin – puts the spotlight squarely on the Dynamic Duo and their, well, dynamic. How long can the new Batman and his sidekick really make it work? What does Talia have to say about it? And what of the other, myriad villains that populate the series?

Grant Morrison exits BATMAN AND ROBIN in style

I just finished reading this issue and…well: Wow. This is it. Batman vs. Dr. Hurt and the grand finale of Grant Morrison’s masterful run on BATMAN AND ROBIN. But, thankfully, not the end to his over-arching Batman opus, as he and artist Yanick Paquette move over to BATMAN INCORPORATED later this month. So…what happens? How does it end? I’m not telling. It’s something you have to see for yourself on Wednesday when the book comes out. Until then, enjoy the first few pages from the issue, which features the artistic handiwork of Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving and Chris Burnham.

Experience the final chapter of BATMAN AND ROBIN MUST DIE

The Dynamic Duo and Dr. Hurt collide for a final confrontation that serves as the culmination to the latest chapter of mastermind Grant Morrison’s epic and multi-layered Batman saga. Will Dick Grayson succeed where Bruce Wayne failed? Will Damian return to the dark side and betray his friends? How does the Joker fit in? Morrison and artist Frazer Irving tell the tale in BATMAN AND ROBIN #15, and it’s a doozy, folks. BATMAN AND ROBIN #15 hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]

A few variants for Tuesday

New cover images by Ivan Reis, Neal Adams and Ethan Van Sciver? Hard to say no, huh? This week, we’ve got the latest black and white version of legendary Batman artist’ Neal Adams’ BATMAN: ODYSSEY series, superstar Ivan Reis’ take on BRIGHTEST DAY #13 and an iconic shot of the Dynamic Duo courtesy of Mr. Ethan Van Sciver. Hard to beat that on a Tuesday, huh? Click below to enjoy the images in their full glory. [gallery link="file"]


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