SDCC 2010 – in photos

And you thought we were done with SDCC 2010 posts! Well, far from it. While at the show, we managed to snag a number of pictures – of fans, creators and other assorted highlights from the show. So, scroll below for a visual recap of the event, courtesy of my cellphone camera and others. Click below to begin. imag0023

SDCC 2010: And now…BATMAN INC.

Remember when we told you to sit tight for another BATMAN announcement? Well, here it is. As revealed on the BATMAN panel at San Diego Comic-Con, writer Grant Morrison will be helming a new, ongoing Batman series: BATMAN INC., featuring art by the ultra-talented Yanick Paquette. What does the “INC.” stand for? How will this new series build upon the amazing stories Grant has crafted in the pages of BATMAN and BATMAN AND ROBIN?


San Diego puts the spotlight on the mastermind himself, Grant Morrison, as DCU Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler sits down with Grant to discuss his career in comics – from ANIMAL MAN to RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE -- and tease what’s in store. This is a can’t-miss panel for Morrison fans. [gallery]

BATMAN AND ROBIN, meet Peter and Patrick

When we announced there’d be a new creative team on GREEN LANTERN CORPS, one of the first questions people asked was “Where’s Pat Gleason going?” Well, we have an answer for you. Just be patient. Oh, right. You have been patient. Well, then we’re happy to announce that the famed GREEN LANTERN CORPS team of writer Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason will be reuniting as the regular team for BATMAN AND ROBIN, starting in November. What do these guys have in store for the dynamic duo? Peter?

Paul Cornell takes on the KNIGHT & SQUIRE

knsq_cv1 Hot off the white-hot start to his ACTION COMICS run, writer Paul Cornell turns his sharp pen to the Batman universe, and takes on the Dynamic Duo’s across-the-pond colleagues – Knight and Squire! Teaming with interior artist Jimmy Broxton and cover artist Yanick Paquette, the six-issue mini-series puts the spotlight on the London counterparts to Batman and Robin.

Bridge the gap between BATMAN R.I.P. and FINAL CRISIS

Before we get into the tidal wave of news hitting this week, let’s take a moment and look at a comic hitting shops this week. Writer Grant Morrison teams with artist Tony Daniel to tell an exciting, two-part untold tale of Bruce Wayne and his adventures between BATMAN R.I.P. and FINAL CRISIS. What happened to the Dark Knight and Dr. Hurt after the end of R.I.P.? How does it all tie in with THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE? Click on the pages below for an idea and pick up BATMAN #701 Wednesday! [gallery link="file"]


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