New GREEN LANTERN movie trailer released

If you haven't already seen it, the new GREEN LANTERN trailer (which is also the first GREEN LANTERN 3D trailer) is a great 2 and a half minute primer for the GREEN LANTERN mythology in anticipation of the Warner Bros. movie release. And speaking of primers, every Monday-Thursday we've been revealing character backgrounds from the GREEN LANTERN comic books here on THE SOURCE. So check them out and get ready for June 17th!

Feasting on Fear



REAL NAME: Parallax OCCUPATION: Soul collector / Fear inducer BASE OF OPERATIONS: N/A HOMEWORLD: N/A HEIGHT: N/A WEIGHT: N/A EYES: N/A HAIR: N/A FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern: Rebirth #3 (January/February, 2005) AKA: Fear Entity BACKGROUND from the comic books:

Husband of Abin Sur’s sister



REAL NAME: Thaal Sinestro OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 1417 HOMEWORLD: Korugar HEIGHT: 6’ 7" WEIGHT: 204 lbs EYES: Black HAIR: Black FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern vol. 2 #7 (July/August, 1961) AKA: Green Lantern

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Special Edition: GREEN LANTERN the essentials

If you’re celebrating Free Comic Book Day today, you probably picked up a copy of the GREEN LANTERN Special Edition. As you know, the Green Lantern mythology is built on a vast and fascinating cast of characters, concepts, and alien worlds. And whether you’re a longtime fan of the characters, are relatively new to them, or are just excited to see the movie, there are lots of exciting details to be familiar with.


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