The “Night of the Owls” is coming this May, pitting the extended Bat-family against the deadly Court of Owls. A shadowy secret society with roots that date back to Gotham City’s earliest history, the Court employs a cadre of timeless, sinister assassins known as Talons to execute its malevolent will. “I thought about owls for a minute, and the hooded owl sprang to mind,” said BATMAN artist Greg Capullo about the creation of the original Talon. “So I gave him a hood like an executioner. As for the lines of the suit, I let the thought of birds guide my hand.


BATMAN #5 has sold out, and will be going back to press for its second printing. From the critically acclaimed, fan-favorite creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, the issue pits Batman against himself; trapped in a deadly maze deep beneath Gotham City, he must fight just to stay sane in the Owls’ nightmarish labyrinth. But turnabout is fair play, and this is just prelude to the Bat-tle royale that’s coming in the “Night of the Owls” crossover event this May.

The second printing of BATMAN #5 will be on sale in comic book stores on March 7, 2012.

BATMAN #8 to Introduce Back-Ups Exploring the Secret History of the Court of Owls

BATMAN #8 will feature the first of a series of back-up stories exploring the dark history of the Court of Owls, the mysterious and malevolent secret society wreaking havoc upon Gotham City in the ongoing series.

The back-ups will bring together the fan-favorite writer/artist pairing of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, whose ongoing collaboration on AMERICAN VAMPIRE has made the critically acclaimed title one of the iconic series of the Vertigo line. James Tynion IV will co-write with Snyder.

(Everybody’s Talkin’ About) DC Comics-The New 52, Tuesday Evening (ET) Edition

Tomorrow marks the release of two major titles from DC Comics-The New 52, BATMAN #1 and WONDER WOMAN #1. And what better way to kick off these series’ releases than with two high profile previews?

USA TODAY’s POP CANDY has the exclusive preview of WONDER WOMAN #1. "The idea is to move forward with Wonder Woman in a way that makes her story bigger,” series artist Cliff Chiang told them.

Greg Capullo plus Sinestro = GREEN LANTERN #1's variant cover

Artist Greg Capullo is teaming with Scott Snyder for a highly anticipated run on BATMAN as part of DC COMICS--THE NEW 52. Capullo's also drawn a stunning variant cover for GREEN LANTERN #1, featuring Sinestro (AKA the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814). GREEN LANTERN issue 1 goes on sale on September 14, but here's the exclusive first look at that cover for those of you who just can't wait any longer.


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