Exclusive Preview of HUMAN BOMB #3

After the explosive events of HUMAN BOMB #2, ex-marine and war veteran Michael Taylor has agreed to fight alongside the top-secret government program responsible for giving him the ability to control his powers. And with the help of Jane, a telepath, they are able to infiltrate as secret C.R.O.W.N. base. But what secrets will the base reveal? And what new abilities will Michael discover as he fights the aliens who turned him into who he is?


Exclusive Preview of HUMAN BOMB #2

After the action packed events of HUMAN BOMB #1, ex-marine and war veteran Michael Taylor finally discovers the secrets of his meta-human gene. And with the assistance of his mysterious new allies, he learns to control his new found powers. Will he agree to help them bring down the organization responsible for all of this? Or has his career as a hero ended before it could even begin?


Exclusive Preview of PHANTOM LADY #4

It’s the final issue of PHANTOM LADY!


After an exciting battle with Funeralla and her zombie army, Jennifer Knight a.k.a. Phantom Lady, is finally ready to take down the Benders with the help of her tiny sidekick, Doll Man. But can the duo successfully break into Cyrus Bender’s office to steal incriminating evidence? Or will Bender send them to their graves like the rest of Jennifer’s family? And don’t miss two special guest stars from the DC Universe!


Exclusive Preview of PHANTOM LADY #2

Jennifer Knight seeks vengeance against the Blood Benders for the murder of her family, only to find herself dangerously close to becoming their next victim. It’s Doll Man to the rescue! With his help, she is transformed into the mysterious Phantom Lady. Together they’ll use their new powers to take down the Benders for good – but only if they can survive a dangerous new assassin!



Fans of the Freedom Fighters have a reason to kick off this weekend with a celebration.


Earlier this morning, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES exclusively announced that this winter, DC Comics will be publishing an all-new 4-part miniseries, HUMAN BOMB. Written by THE RAY and THE PHANTOM LADY co-writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and illustrated by the legendary Jerry Ordway, HUMAN BOMB #1 goes on sale December 5th.


Countdown to Comic-Con: Jimmy Palmiotti on SDCC

Every day until the start of Comic-Con, we’re bringing you something cool to help you count down the days to the start of the big show. Last week we debuted our new Comic-Con print ads. For this week, we reached out to some of our favorite writers and artists to ask them what they enjoy most about San Diego Comic-Con.


Today’s creator is Jimmy Palmiotti, the always memorable writer and artist who’s been keeping busy by co-writing All-Star Western and G.I. Combat. Here’s Jimmy short and sweet thought on Comic-Con:



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