A Trapeze Artist's Guide to Being Batman

Detective Comics #873

Before Dick Grayson was Batman, even before he was Robin, he was a member of the Flying Graysons. Turns out that coming from a family of acrobats provides some pretty solid guidelines on how to be Batman. See, when things look grim, Grayson has three rules for staying alive on the trapeze and they work just as well for staying alive on the mean streets of Gotham:

Dick Grayson looks into the ‘Black Mirror’ in DETECTIVE COMICS #871

Somehow, tools, evidence and weapons relating to some of Batman’s deadliest foes are ending up in the wrong hands – and people are dying because of it.

Newly ensconced Batman Dick Grayson must piece together the pieces of the mystery, which point to a deadly new adversary. But will he be able to bring down his new enemy before more die?


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