Darkness falls on the JLA

The "Rise of Eclipso" begins next week! While searching for closure on Diablo Island, Bruce Gordan again becomes the unwilling host of Eclipso. Now with Bruce but a powerless voice inside his head, Eclipso begins his mysterious scheme by assembling all the shadow-powered villains in the world.

Find out who the Lord of Darkness has in mind (including someone you wouldn't suspect) in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #54, on sale tomorrow. Check out a preview of the issue below!

Is there a plan to defeat Omega Man?

New comic books go on sale today, including JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA issue 53, the final chapter of "JLA Omega" by James Robinson and Mark Bagley.

The alliance between the Justice League and the Crime Syndicate has broken down. Things look grim. Can there possibly be a plan that will defeat Omega Man?

Batman must have a plan, right? I mean, he always has a plan.

Uh, right?

A Pair of Variants

Here’s a pair of awesome variant covers to brighten up your Tuesday. First, Firestorm and Sinestro clash on the variant cover of GREEN LANTERN CORPS #57, by Ed Benes. Next, another beautiful variant by David Mack, this time for JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #54, kicking off the start of “The Rise of Eclipso.”

Green Lantern Corps #57 Var




"The Rise of Eclipso" begins in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA issue 54 and, so far, we've kept the lid tight on the details of James Robinson's epic storyline.

But we can confirm, this one's got it all:

* Shade.

* Doomsday.

* Blue Lantern Saint Walker joins the League to ensure that all will be well.

* Alpha Lantern Boodikka and Supergirl on the trail of the Cyborg Superman.

* The return of one of the DCU's classic villains, Eclipso.



It's been a cold, cold week here in New York and across much of the country. Yes, winter is undeniably here.

So while folks outside are bundled up and dressed for arctic conditions, I'm personally glad to have the distraction of March's solicits, which break online Monday.

Over the course of the day, we'll have a couple of teases for you to remind us all that, oh yeah, spring will come again.

Got Variants?

Here's a couple of variant covers (and one non-variant) to end the day. We've got a double dose of BRIGHTEST DAY, with the covers to issues #17 and #18. Issue #17 is a non-variant by David Finch, and #18 is a variant by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert. Next, Bill Sienkiewicz has an energetic, stylish cover for DCU: LEGACIES #9. And there's an awesome David Mack variant cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #53.


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DCU in 2011: The Reign of Doomsday

Doomsday is coming back.

A few of you drew this conclusion from last week's tease, and we'll confirm here that the Kryptonian killing machine will return to Earth early next year - and you don't need me to tell you that's never a good sign for the heroes of the DCU.

Doomsday will first make his presence known this January in STEEL #1 - but I can promise you, he won't be the only hero facing Doomsday's wrath for long. The story will continue with:


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