What’s atop Supergirl’s to-do list after rejoining the JLA? Fight Power Girl to the death, apparently! What other horrors await the Justice League and Justice Society in this prologue to “The Ghosts of Earth and Space”? Only writer James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley know for sure, but the preview below might hold a few clues. JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #45 hits 5/19. [gallery link="file"]


Writer Matthew Sturges and artist Freddie Williams II present a tale of the Injustice Society, as the villains find the All-Stars new headquarters. But Cyclone, of all people, has found a way to turn their own allies against them. Meanwhile, Stargirl shares a moment with a teammate -- which might not be the wisest decision. JSA ALL STARS #5 hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]

'Constellations' continues in JSA ALL STARS #3

Writer Matthew Sturges and artist Freddie E. Williams II lift the curtain on this issue, as the All-Stars are on the trail of the villains who've kidnapped one of their own while internal turmoil creates drama in the ranks. And after what went down in the JSA ANNUAL this month, can Magog have much time left on the team? JSA ALL STARS #3 hits 2/10. [gallery link="file"]

THE SOURCE presents a new 'Absolute Justice' SMALLVILLE clip

A couple weeks back, we unveiled a new clip from Smallville's "Absolute Justice," an epic two-hour episode written by our very own Geoff Johns, which showcases the Justice Society of America, the first superhero team ever. And, as most of you know, that team of heroes is near and dear to Geoff's heart and also to comic fans across the globe. So why stop at one? We're happy and honored to unveil a second clip from the episode, which airs this Friday.


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