It's Magog vs. Wildcat in JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA 331

Writers Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges continue their first arc on the series with artist Jesus Merino as a traitor is revealed and Wildcat throws down against Magog. Who's responsible for tearing the team apart from within, and is the danger greater than anyone on the team expects? We don't have all the answers, but we have a few pages below that can give you some clues. JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #31 hits 9/30. [gallery link="file"]

Take another look at MAGOG #1

We unveiled a short preview of the first issue of MAGOG, from writer Keith Giffen and artist Howard Porter a while back, but it never hurts to gently remind you that it's in stores this week. We also thought it'd be nice to throw in a few extra pages, for good measure. Tired of the restraints that come with being a card-carrying member of the JSA, Magog decides to take justice into his own hands. But how does that synch up with Magog's own, apparently unavoidable destiny? We can't tell, but these pages should shed some light on the situation.

Guess who returns in JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #30?

The writing team of Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham continue their inaugural arc on JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA with part two of "Bad Seed," pairing them with up-and-comer Jesus Merino. The JSA begins to feel some wear and tear as the team battles a monstrous collection of villains who've mounted an all-out war on the team in an effort to collect a bounty on the head of everyone except Stargirl. What compromises will the group make to chase the enemies? Why have Mr. Terrific's communications stopped? Oh yeah, and Dr. Fate comes back. Check out a few pages below.

San Diego news: Announcing JSA ALL STARS

The Justice Society has always been about legacy. Young and old. Legends and rookies. Together to protect Earth from any kind of villain. But what happens when the generations disagree? After writers Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges conclude their first arc on JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, the team splits – creatively and literally, with Willingham holding the fort and Sturges moving over to a new ongoing series, JSA ALL STARS, with artist Freddie E. Williams III.

Kick off the week with some pages from JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #29

This is it, folks. The new creative team of writers Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges, along with exceptional artist Jesus Merino unite to herald a new era for the Justice Society of America. Strange things start to happen at JSA headquarters just as two new recruits join the fold, all which point to an all-out assault on the team. And what do new members King Chimera and All-American Kid have to do with it?


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