Third Wave Spotlight: TEAM 7 #1

In September, Zero Month introduced you to four all-new ongoing series: THE PHANTOM STRANGER, SWORD OF SORCERY, TALON and TEAM 7. With these #0 issues, you got a taste of the new characters and stories that will be impacting the ever-growing DC Universe.


Tuesday Roundup: September 11th

Zero month is all about going back to the beginning for DC COMICS – THE NEW 52. However, while most of them will be returning to the present day next month, there’s one brand new monthly title that will stay in the past. Team 7 is one of the latest titles to join DC Comics – The New 52, and while it has strong links to current titles like Justice League, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Grifter and Deathstroke, it’s set five years in the past when super-powered heroes like Superman were first arriving on the scene. So what does that mean?


Timed to the one year anniversary of the launch of the historic DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 initiative, DC Comics will introduce 0 month.


In September 2012, DC Comics will release 0 issues—and we don’t mean we aren’t publishing any titles—but what we will be doing is numbering every DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 title #0.



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