Here's another peek at WEDNESDAY COMICS

There's really very little that needs to be said about WEDNESDAY COMICS that hasn't been said already. DC Art Director Mark Chiarello has done an amazing job at collecting the best and brightest creators in the industry, and the art really speaks for itself. So why not show some more? Here's another look at artist Lee Bermejo's (working with writer John Arcudi) Superman story, which features a familiar face.


Get your first look at WEDNESDAY COMICS

The brainchild of DC Comics Art Director Mark Chiarello, WEDNESDAY COMICS is a unique and groundbreaking storytelling method -- 16 pages, printed on broadsheet-size newsprint, featuring weekly stories by the best and brightest creators out there. It's gotta look great, right?

We have your first peek at a page from writer John Arcudi and artist Lee Bermejo's SUPERMAN strip, along with a page from the 100 BULLETS team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, re-teaming on the Dark Knight for the first time since their acclaimed "Broken City' arc.

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