A sneak peek at November’s LEGACIES

Not only does November’s DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES feature a lead story by the stellar team of regular writer Len Wein and artist Dan Jurgens, but it features a back-up with art by comic book legend Brian Bolland. Not only do we get to see Bolland’s detailed art take on the Atom, but the story is set in a time longtime readers of Bolland’s work should be familiar with. Editor Mike Carlin has more info. Take it away, Mike: “

It’s a CRISIS-level issue of LEGACIES

Writer Len Wein continues to pair with an A-list assortment of artists as he chronicles the history of the DC Universe in the pages of LEGACIES. This month, Wein teams up with not only George Perez, but Walt Simonson. Not too shabby, huh? The first of a series of universe-spanning Crises looms, as red skies hang over the entire DC Universe. How will the heroes of Earth defend the planet against the threat? DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES #5 hits Wednesday. [gallery link="file"]

The legacy behind DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES

This blog is always fun, but sometimes, you get a surprise in your inbox that reminds you why doing this each day is cool. Today was one such day, as I got a nice note from superstar artist Andy Kubert, who’s being doing a bang-up job on the first two issues of DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES, paired with his legendary father on inks. It seems Andy found a photo that typifies both the project and the legacy behind it, as we see father Joe Kubert giving a young Andy some pointers. Thanks for sending this, Andy, and let’s hear a few words about the photo:

Continue to explore the history of the DCU with LEGACIES #2

In the second installment of writer Len Wein’s epic tale of the early days of the DC Universe, the exploits of the mystery men and other emerging heroes inspire the everyday populace to fight crime. Groups like the Justice Society of America encourage regular citizens to action: Meet the Newsboy Legion and more. Meanwhile, the Seven Soldiers of Victory unite against an unusual enemy. Featuring the artwork of superstars Andy Kubert, the legendary Joe Kubert, Scott Kolins and J.H. Williams III. DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES #2 hits tomorrow.


In addition to the 75th anniversary covers we’ll be rolling out here on The Source this week and beyond, we’ve also got a first look at DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES #1 for you. As some of you know, LEGACIES spans five generations of heroes, from the dawn of the Mystery Men to the present. In the first issue, the Second World War rages on, setting the stage for the debut of a new hero. Masked myths become legends as they begin to step outside of the shadows to earn their place in history.

Some more info on DCU: LEGACIES

Been a great show so far, eh? For those reading along from home, our very own Ian Sattler promised on the DC Editorial panel at WonderCon today that we'd be talking about some major creators contributing to upcoming issues of DCU: LEGACIES, the era-spanning series touching on the various heroes and villains of the DC Universe. Well, how about these names? J.H. Williams III. Dave Gibbons. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Rags Morales. Dan Jurgens. Not too shabby, huh?


Hey comics fan, got any plans this weekend? If you're like me you're at a bit of a crossroads during this time of year. The NFL season is over, the Olympics are over, Oscar Season is over...what are you supposed to do? Well fear not because Convention Season has just started! That's right, chances are that we'll be bringing the 2010 DC Nation Tour to a town near you sometime soon and trust me when I tell you that it's a show you won't want to miss.

J.G. Jones' cover to DCU: LEGACIES #1

You know the basics on the series: DCU: LEGACIES goes back to the roots of the DC Universe and tells the tale of ts heroes from the dawn of the masked men to more modern days. Written by industry veteran Len Wein and featuring the artistic talents of superstar artist Andy Kubert (inked by his legendary father, Joe Kubert) on the first issue, LEGACIES is a nod to the DCU's rich and storied history presented to the modern reader.

It’s the last day of Comic Con – have some JUSTICE LEAGUE pages

Surprisingly, I’m still fairly functional. I think. The marathon that is SDCC is coming to a close, but we still have some stuff to show off, at least in regards to books hitting next week. Len Wein continues his guest stint as writer, teaming with artist Eddy Barrows. The cards are stacked against the remnants of the League, and it’s no surprise I’m jokingly referencing the Royal Flush Gang. Can even the team survive before the unexpected arrival of an old foe? Unclear. But here are some pages to get you up to speed.


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