5.2 Reasons Man of Steel Is Everything We Wanted and More

When working in a business setting—even when that business entails publishing comic books featuring the World’s Greatest Super Heroes—one must usually hold to certain level of professionalism. We try not to geek out too much (we said try) even though sometimes we simply can’t help ourselves. That all said:



Ask DC Collectibles: The Man of Steel meets the Giant

This week in ask DC Collectibles, we’ve decided to go a bit behind the scenes with our work on the Man of Steel statues, so all of your action figure questions with have to wait until next time!

Before we get to it however, one of them (the Jor-El statue) was just seen on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel!

Check it out at:


Scoring Superman: An Interview with Hans Zimmer

A super hero known for his strength and power of flight deserves a strong, soaring soundtrack, and if you’ve heard the snippets of Hans Zimmer’s score for Man of Steel in the recent trailers, you know that he’s delivered a suite of music that has every chance of proving to be as iconic as the Man of Steel himself.

Today marks the release of the Man of Steel soundtrack, which is available in two different forms—a standard two-disc version and a deluxe, limited edition which features six additional songs as well as an embossed steel case.

Kryptonian Couture: Bringing Some Swagger to Superman

We’ve heard it before. Superman isn’t the hero for you because he’s too “clean cut.” You like edgy heroes. The sort of super heroes who wear dark, extreme costumes and use tactics that often enter the realm of questionable. We get it, and we have plenty of super heroes like that. However, we think you may have the wrong idea about the Man of Steel. While he’s heroic and inspirational, that doesn’t mean he lacks an edge. At least when it comes to some of his merchandise.

The Easiest Way to Bring Man of Steel to Life (Without Going to Krypton)

Let’s face it, as a comic book fan, it’s not easy to impress your friends.

Sure, you may have a mint condition first printing of the Riddler’s debut appearance in Detective Comics #140, or a copy of Swamp Thing #37 with Rick Veitch’s signature and a sketch of John Constantine on the cover. Heck, you could possess every single issue of Superman ever published, and it’s unlikely to garner more than a shrug from your non-comic reading friends. And as for your fellow comic collectors… Well, they probably have their own equally impressive collections.

Man of Steel Takes Flight with a New Poster

The last Man of Steel poster to hit the multiplex grabbed our attention by showing Superman in an unexpected position—handcuffed and being led somewhere by what appear to be soldiers. The most recent, however, shows him doing something we’ve come to associate with the Man of Steel—flying over Metropolis.

However, we haven’t seen him flying quite like this before in any of the previous Superman movies. Fast, frenetic, the world a blur beneath him…


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