Exclusive Preview of DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #25

The war between Brainiac and the heroes and villains of Earth inches closer to its epic conclusion.


With casualties left and right, the team on Earth must depend on Lex Luthor to gain the insight they need to defeat Brainiac and save their planet before it’s too late. But when a Green Lantern falls and their ring chooses Luthor as their successor, will Luthor still be able to lead the team? Or will the temptation that comes with the power of a Green Lantern ring prove to be too irresistible for him to see clearly? 


Exclusive preview of DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #24

There may only be three issues left in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS, but the action is just getting started! Having originally pledged his alliance to Brainiac, Lex Luthor comes up with a plan to save Earth. A plan that, along with help of the heroes of the DC Universe, will put an end to Brainiac once and for all. But when Brainiac finds out that Luthor is not the ally he thought he was, the consequences will be grave and fatalities will be had. Who will rise and who will fall in this final battle?

Exclusive Preview of DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #23

With only four issues of the series remaining, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS continues its final battle in issue #23! As Braniac’s plan to invade and destroy Earth seems to be progressing accordingly, the heroes and villains of the DC Universe must unite to stop him before it’s too late. But when tragedy strikes both sides, who will remain committed to saving their planet and who will pledge allegiance to Braniac in order to survive? Hint: the answer might not be as obvious as you may think! Written by Marv Wolfman and featuring art by Mike S.

Exclusive Preview of DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #22

With only five issues remaining, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS kicks off its final battle in issue #22!

In order to stop Braniac, Batman will need to team up with Lex Luthor to lead two armies in the war against evil. Can this unlikely duo be the leaders that the heroes of the DC Universe need to put an end to Braniac once and for all? And how does Wayne Enterprises factor into all of this?

The Landmark 100th Issue of TEEN TITANS

In the final issue of this run of TEEN TITANS, the team faces down with their most invincible enemy yet: Superboy prime and his army of Superboy clones. This oversized 100th issue written by J.T. Krul with art by Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood, Jack Purcell and Greg Adams, packs action and mayhem into every page. In the end, the Teen Titans must face the question: when your enemy is unstoppable, how do you punish or contain him?

Superman’s Destiny

In DC RETROACTIVE: SUPERMAN – THE '80s, Destiny shows Superman a bleak future overrun by chaos, where even the greatest heroes have abandoned all hope and courage. And to make matters even worse, he is tested to his breaking point as he is shown a future where his closest living relative, Kara, is no longer alive. In order to save the fate of the world and the lives of millions of people, Superman is presented with a decision that may be the biggest moral conflict he’s had to face yet.

RETRO-ACTIVE Writers and Concept Announced

This past weekend at WonderCon, VP of Sales, Bob Wayne, announced RETRO-ACTIVE. Published throughout July and August 2011, these are exactly the kinds of one-shots people often associate with summer. RETRO-ACTIVE reunites classic writers and artists with classic characters Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Justice League of America, returning to the interpretations they are best known for. Each of these series will have 3 one-shots that pay homage respectively to the‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s.


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