Guess who returns in JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #30?

The writing team of Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham continue their inaugural arc on JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA with part two of "Bad Seed," pairing them with up-and-comer Jesus Merino. The JSA begins to feel some wear and tear as the team battles a monstrous collection of villains who've mounted an all-out war on the team in an effort to collect a bounty on the head of everyone except Stargirl. What compromises will the group make to chase the enemies? Why have Mr. Terrific's communications stopped? Oh yeah, and Dr. Fate comes back. Check out a few pages below.

Happy Friday. Enjoy some RUN! #3 pages

Happy Friday, Source readers. It's been a busy week here at DCU headquarters, as usual. So why not head into the weekend with some cool pages? Fair enough. FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: RUN! #3 shows off everything you've come to love from the series: beatings, fire, explosions, guns, mean-spirited humor, stupid costumes and even stupider people. All this plus the Human Flame gets a new lady. And it's all downhill after that... FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: RUN! #3 hits 7/1. [gallery link="file"]


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