End your week with a preview of WARLORD #2

The sudden arrival of a new band of surface-worlders in the exotic land of Skartaris has thrown its delicate political balance into disarray -- and only the Warlord can diffuse it. But it'll take an epic journey across the deadly lands of the Shadow Kingdom to do so. Writer Mike Grell and artist Joe Prado continue their reinvigoration of the classic character with this issue. Check out a few pages right here. WARLORD #2 hits on 5/6. [gallery link="file"]

Enter the wild world of THE WARLORD

Few creators are as synonymous with projects as Mike Grell is with WARLORD. The fantasy saga, which has appeared in many forms over the years, returns in full force this month in a new ongoing series from Grell and artist Joe Prado, featuring all the powerful elements that made the book a hit many times over, continuing the adventures of Tara, Shakira, Tinder and the rest of the classic cast.


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