Get an extended look at BATMAN: ODYSSEY #1

Not long ago, we announced that legendary Batman artist Neal Adams would be returning to the streets of Gotham with BATMAN: ODYSSEY, a twelve-part mini-series with a page of teaser art.

Well, as we get closer to the book’s July launch, we’ve got a first look at some interiors from the series, featuring the Dark Knight as only Adams can present him: dynamic, gritty and larger-than-life.

We caught up with the master himself to get his thoughts on the series. Take it away, Neal:

Another mind-blowing 75th anniversary variant

Yesterday, we unveiled a look at Mike Mingola’s take on the classic DETECTIVE COMICS #168 cover. How can we top that?

Well, we can’t. But we can give you an equally-amazing image to kick off your day.

Most fans, young and old, are familiar with comic book legend Neal Adams’ iconic SUPERMAN #233 image – “KRYPTONITE NEVERMORE!” It’s one of those things that is part of the comic book lexicon, and it’s symbolic of the Man of Steel and everything he stands for. Here it is:


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