DC Comics All Access: Bob Harras

And so we come to Week Four–marking the end of September, the month that ushered in the debut of DC Comics-The New 52 and the unprecedented transformation of the entire DC Universe. It’s hard to believe we’re finally here because for us September started a long time ago. Let me explain: It’s been quite a ride since the writers conference that initiated this evolution. It’s been a year of pitch meetings, story conferences and design sessions that often went far into the night. It’s been a year of hard work on everyone’s part and truth be told – it’s been a lot of fun.

From the Editor's Desk: Pat McCallum's First Impressions

A four-foot spy holding a bomb confronts me when the elevator doors slide open. He's one half of the Spy vs. Spy duo and they each bookend a wall's worth of Mad magazine covers-a half dozen in total, each blown up ten times their original size. It's the Mad magazine lobby, and while this floor has the best vending machines, it's not my stop.

A special message about TITANS #17 from Brian Cunningham

Hiya, folks! As the TITANS editor, I wanted to do something a little different to hype issue #17, in comic stores September 9. My first call for ideas was the issue’s writer. “My first plot had me making out with Starfire for 22 pages,” he said. “But that got shot down for whatever reason.” The guest writer? Pat McCallum, fresh off his stint of stalking DC editors looking for work.


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