DC NATION: New York City!

It's good to have you loyal members of the DC Nation with us during these exciting times. As we get closer to the end of an epic 2010, we are pleased to tell you that 2011 is going to be even more amazing. We are in full gear with plans for your favorite characters, and the list of new ideas is growing every day. It's fitting, then during this period where we are working with you in mind, that we welcome you into our home city for the New York City Comic Con.

Eddie Berganza says hello, goodbye to SUPERMAN/BATMAN with #75

smbm_75_dylux-50-51 Wow, can't believe I'm saying goodbye to two of my babies at the same time. My daughter Kim is going off to college and I'm leaving the editorial reigns of SUPERMAN/BATMAN. Neither is easy. But both got great going away parties. For S/B#75 it was awesome putting together the list of attendees.

Prepare for an all-star celebration with SUPERMAN/BATMAN #75

Consider this an engraved invitation to a spectacular anniversary celebration, as writer Paul Levitz brings the World’s Finest face-to-face with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Lex Luthor has unleashed a threat so powerful it’s garnered the Legion’s attention in the distant future. But they can’t take him down without a trip to the past to recruit Batman and Superboy.

Saturn Girl faces a grim future

Legendary LEGION writer Paul Levitz continues his latest stint with the team from the 31st century, pairing with artist Yildiray Cinar to tell the tale of a Legionnaire torn between the Legion itself and the Green Lantern Corps. Plus, how does Saturn Girl deal with the possibility that her children are not only missing, but gone forever? LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #2 hits 6/16. [gallery link="file"]

The DC 75th anniversary covers keep coming

If you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled, you know that we’re rolling out a number of the DC 75th anniversary variant covers this week. Today, we not only jump into outer space, but into the far future – specifically, the 31st century. Who doesn’t remember the classic cover to LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #294, the concluding chapter of “The Great Darkness Saga”? Here it is, to jog your memory:


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