What unknown force is threatening DC Editorial? Read on...

Here’s a behind-the-scenes bit of fun for all you Sourcers out there. As one of the most fun editorial tasks yet, I’ve spent the past two days running up and down the hall getting pictures of some of our editors. They all seem to be pretty scared of…something… Can’t be Halloween-related at this point, right? So what’s going on here? For instance, here’s Mike Carlin and Rachel Gluckstern, looking very unhappy about whatever’s going on over Mike’s desk:

Sit in on a JSA VS KOBRA brainstorming session

One of the benefits of being a few short steps away from DC Editorial is the slew of great art that is passed around daily. One minute you're in Mike Marts' office marveling at Francis Manapul's new RED ROBIN cover, the next you're talking about symbolism in comics. One such event involves JSA VS KOBRA: ENGINES OF FAITH,by writer Eric Trautmann and artist Don Kramer, with covers by the one and only, Gene Ha. Sometimes the most interesting thing isn't only the final product, but the discussions that went into creating it.


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