Eddie Berganza says hello, goodbye to SUPERMAN/BATMAN with #75


Wow, can't believe I'm saying goodbye to two of my babies at the same time.

My daughter Kim is going off to college and I'm leaving the editorial reigns of SUPERMAN/BATMAN.

Neither is easy.

But both got great going away parties.

For S/B#75 it was awesome putting together the list of attendees.

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #63 -- Grodd wins?!

Well, the cover says it all, no? Writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson re-team with artist Rafael Albuquerque to kick off an all-new arc, bringing an old, simian foe back from the dead, as he endangers the loved ones of both Superman and Batman. With Lois and Alfred kidnapped, who can survive in a world where "Grodd wins"? Find out with a few pages from the issue below.

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #63 hits 8/19.

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End the day with a look at SUPERMAN/BATMAN #62

Up-and-coming artist Rafael Albuquerque joins the ongoing writing team of Michael Green and Mike Johnson for a tale of the World's Finest duo -- Robin and Supergirl. When the inmates take over at Arkham, can anyone but the Boy Wonder and the Maid of Might put things right? Check out a few pages below to see.

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #62 hits 7/15.

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