It’s San Diego time

Game on, folks! Preview night has begun and San Diego is in full swing. A little housekeeping note – because this is a special event, we’ll have coverage of all the DCU panels this week and weekend, including comments from key creators and editors attending, so stay tuned to The Source for news, art, notes and more from the show.

San Diego time!

Well, I’m sitting at the airport with my Publicity colleagues as we await our flight to lovely San Diego. But fear not, Source readers. We’ll have nonstop coverage before, during and after the show. What about today, you ask? We’ve got a doozy of a teaser image for you in 3…2…1

The CBLDF gives you a chance to win lunch with Geoff Johns at Comic-Con

Want to spend a one-on-one lunch with DCE Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who also happens to be the mastermind behind BLACKEST NIGHT, BRIGHTEST DAY, GREEN LANTERN and THE FLASH? Well, it’s more possible than you’d think, thanks to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Click here for a chance to win and ask Geoff all the burning questions you’ve got, and get some behind the scenes insight into the process of writing some of the best comics out there today. Bidding ends Wednesday, July 21.
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