USA Today Runs FLASHPOINT Feature

USA Today ran a feature today on the making of FLASHPOINT, as part of their coverage of Free Comic Book Day. Head on over to their website to read creator and editorial commentary and to get an insider's pass to the creation of the series. And while you're there, be sure to also click on the image slideshow to see a gallery of stunning art, including Andy Kubert's process piece of the first two-page spread of the series, character designs, and all three of the first issue's covers.

Flashpoint Friday: “This isn’t a parallel Earth or a mirror world. This is home.”

flashpoint_fri_white FLASHPOINT spans the DC Universe from the dark streets of Gotham to the ruins of Big Ben. It’s an international tale of action and intrigue that impacts an entire universe. Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope are creating an epic five issue series, one with a scope so big and ambitious that there will be fifteen mini series expanding on the events, along with several important one shots.


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