Batman and Robin get acquainted with 'The Absence' in Batman and Robin #18

Between Peacock in the pages of BATMAN and The Absence in the next issue of BATMAN AND ROBIN, our caped crusaders have their hands full with mysterious, dangerous women this month.

Paul Cornell, Scott McDaniel and Rob Hunter introduce us to The Absence, a psychopathic villain with an origin story gruesome enough that I couldn't in good conscience post it here. (Hint: She wasn't born with that hole in the middle of her forehead.)

Paul Cornell steps in for a three-issue arc on BATMAN AND ROBIN

A body unceremoniously dug out of its grave. A link to Bruce Wayne’s romantic past and tension among the Dynamic Duo of Batman Dick Grayson and Robin.

Writer Paul Cornell sprinkles a handful of tantalizing clues with artist Scott McDaniel and in the process builds to one of the coolest villain reveals of the last year.

We’ve got a first look at the action packed opening of the issue. Can you say Batman and Robin crash a wedding? Well, now you can.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #17 hits Wednesday.

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A few variants for Friday

Well, more like a slew. A slew of goodness.

Where to begin? Well, let’s cut to the chase so you can close out the week with a bunch of pretty pictures that’ll ease you into the weekend. First up we have a bunch of Batman covers, including Carlo Barberi’s cover to BATMAN: ORPHANS #2, Guillem March and Gene Ha’s respective BATMAN AND ROBIN #18 covers, J.H. Williams III’s takes on BATMAN INCORPORATED #2 and #3, a lovely Felipe Massafera variant for GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS #5 and Sami Basri’s variant for SUPERMAN #706. Enjoy!

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Here’s a complete rundown of the DCU titles that will fall under DC COMICS PRESENTS:

A look at BATMAN in September

September marks the conclusion of BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE — but what does that mean for the Dark Knight? We’re not telling, but click below for a few clues.




Art and cover by TONY DANIEL

NYT Bestselling Pop-Up creator Matthew Reinhart unveils DC SUPER HEROES: THE ULTIMATE POP-UP BOOK

Part of the wonderful thing about DC's library of characters is their versatility -- whether they're presented on the big screen, television, in comics or in other forms of media, they still continue to resonate with readers of all ages.


Have some pencils from THE SHIELD

Back when we chatted with RED CIRCLE editor Joey Cavalieri, we showed off new art from three of the four RED CIRCLE one-shots. In our continued efforts to show off as much cool art as we can, we snagged four SHIELD pages by artist Scott McDaniel, who, along with inker Andy Owens, will be handling art chores on the one-shot. SHIELD looks pretty angry, huh?

All four RED CIRCLE one-shots are hitting in August.

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