DC All Access Host Search Spotlight: Jason Inman

We’ve been so impressed with the people participating in #DCHostSearch that while our DC All Access Co-Host Search continues, we thought we’d spotlight a few of our favorite submissions.

Today, we’re featuring Jason Inman. As Tiffany says in our announcement video, this is a job, and whenever you go in for a job interview, you always want to look your best. Well, Jason’s video looks great. He’s spent the time and resources to ensure he looks and sounds his best, and it shows. Check it out:

DC Collectibles: Spotlight on Illustrator Ant Lucia

Even if you don’t know his name, if you’re a fan of DC Comics or Collectibles, you’re pretty familiar with the work of our latest spotlight artist. Heck, if you’ve so much as stepped into a comic shop or onto the floor of a comic convention at least once this past year, you’ve likely come across the distinct interpretations of DC Comics heroines reimagined in the style of classic pinup art that we call the DC Comics Bombshells.

DC Collectibles: Spotlight on Sculptor Jack Mathews

It's time for another DC Collectibles Spotlight! Sculptor Jack Mathews is perhaps best known for his work in our DC Comics Cover Girls line, but he’s also sculpted many of the action figures in our ever popular DC Comics – The New 52 line. It’s clear Jack enjoys his work—it’s visible in the final product!—but if you’re curious about what else he enjoys, read on…

Infinite Crisis - Star Sapphire Spotlight

Fight with love's fire and prey on hateful hearts as the tenacious Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris! Learn more about the keeper of the savage Predator in this Champion Profile.

The Multiverse needs you, Protector! Sign up and play Infinite Crisis today at http://www.infinitecrisis.com!

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