SUPERBOY takes off in November

And we’ve got some nice art to show. Some of you may have missed this during the tornado of news that was San Diego, but this piece definitely merits repeat viewing: sbv2_cv1 That's the cover to SUPERBOY #1, courtesy of Rafael Albuquerque (Vertigo’s AMERICAN VAMPIRE). Isn’t it a beauty?

As the LAST STAND ends, the WAR OF THE SUPERMEN begins

The final battle lines between New Krypton and Earth are being drawn, and writers James Robinson and Sterling Gates team with artist Pete Woods for an epic throwdown that leads directly to WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #0 on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Superman and Zod must work together if they're to have a chance of stopping the world-crushing monstrosity that is Brainiac. But a victory for New Krypton could mean a devastating loss for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Also, don't miss SUPERMAN #699, the penultimate chapter of the LAST STAND saga.


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