The Easiest Way to Bring Man of Steel to Life (Without Going to Krypton)

Let’s face it, as a comic book fan, it’s not easy to impress your friends.

Sure, you may have a mint condition first printing of the Riddler’s debut appearance in Detective Comics #140, or a copy of Swamp Thing #37 with Rick Veitch’s signature and a sketch of John Constantine on the cover. Heck, you could possess every single issue of Superman ever published, and it’s unlikely to garner more than a shrug from your non-comic reading friends. And as for your fellow comic collectors… Well, they probably have their own equally impressive collections.

Man of Steel Takes Flight with a New Poster

The last Man of Steel poster to hit the multiplex grabbed our attention by showing Superman in an unexpected position—handcuffed and being led somewhere by what appear to be soldiers. The most recent, however, shows him doing something we’ve come to associate with the Man of Steel—flying over Metropolis.

However, we haven’t seen him flying quite like this before in any of the previous Superman movies. Fast, frenetic, the world a blur beneath him…

5.2 Reasons to Witness Superman: Unbound

On Tuesday, May 7, Superman: Unbound flies into stores, fully ready for upload into your brains via your eyeballs. Based on the SUPERMAN: BRAINIAC graphic novel by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the movie is the latest in the line of DC Universe Animated Original Movies, following the critically acclaimed Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and Part 2, Justice League: Doom, Wonder Woman and more.

Music Unbound: The Superman: Unbound Soundtrack

You may not think of him as part of a duo, but Superman’s always worked with a partner.

We’re not talking about Supergirl, Jimmy Olsen or even Lois Lane. No, every time you’ve seen the Man of Steel on the big screen or small, he’s always been accompanied by some truly stirring music.

Superman: Unbound, the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, continues this fine tradition with a rousing score by composer Kevin Kliesch that’s available today on CD and digital download.

What's New In The New 52 – Cyborg...Superman?

Some of you might remember the last time a Cyborg Superman showed up. Would we dare revisit such a classic storyline? Hmmm. Well, never say never, right? As I've been telling you, all bets are off. Everything's on the table. 

Sorry to make your head explode on a Friday, but enjoy Kenneth Rocafort's lovely sketch in the meantime. We'll be in the conference room discussing … oh, never mind.

Happy Friday,


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