Tuesday Roundup: January 15th

When it comes to storytelling, you couldn’t ask for a bigger canvas than the far reaches of outer space. And when it comes to stories set beyond the stars, there may be no better medium than comic books. After all, comics can tell a fully visual story limited only by the creative team’s imagination. There’s nowhere they can’t take you. Which means, you can expect a lot from Threshold, the exciting new sci-fi series joining the ranks of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 this week.

Tuesday Roundup: January 8th

We’d never want to discourage people from visiting any of our fair cities, but if you were planning on paying a visit to Gotham this week, you may want to think about rescheduling. After all, the Joker’s been running rampant across town for the past few months in “Death of the Family,” and this week the Penguin gets involved in DETECTIVE COMICS #16. And things are looking even worse in the pages of SWAMP THING #16, where the Rot has completely overrun Gotham and really brought out the “dark” in the Dark Knight.


Tuesday Roundup: December 11th

With group solicits hitting the web over the past few days, it’s understandable why fans have started looking ahead to March. But let’s not forget that there’s plenty of great action taking place in your favorite DC comics right now. This very week. And you can get a jump start on it today by checking out some of our new comic previews below.


Tuesday Roundup: November 27th

This week marks the release of BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #4, making Silk Spectre the first Before Watchmen title to reach its grand conclusion. Like all getaways, this road trip to 60s-era San Francisco seems to have flown by. However, before we all say goodbye to Sally Jupiter and the “Summer of Love,” we have one more beautiful (if a little tear-stained) issue to look forward to. And we do mean beautiful. Take a look at Wired’s preview of it below, if you have any doubt.


Tuesday Roundup: November 20th

For comic book fans, Wednesday is usually the best day of the week. But we have to say, this week Thursday is giving it a run for its money. Wednesday brings with it new issues of Justice League, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Catwoman. But Thursday kicks off a long weekend with family, friends and turkey. Of course, this Friday is when all of the shops offer their great Black Friday deals, and seeing as how we still have a lot of holiday shopping to do, we’re looking forward to those as well.


Tuesday Roundup: November 6th

Remember, remember the…er, seventh of November? Well, it may not work as well as a rhyme or hold any historical significance, but we want you to remember November 7th. That’s the day the next batch of great new DC comics hit your local shop. Though, if you’ve been reading “Rise of the Third Army,” “Rotworld,” or “Hawkman: Wanted,” we don’t see how you could forget! All three exciting storylines get new installments on Wednesday, and considering the cliffhangers some of those titles left off with last month, you’ve likely been counting the days.

Tuesday Roundup: October 30th

For most people out there, tomorrow’s all about cool costumes and candy. But if you’re a DC fan, you’re definitely going to want to make sure you hit your local comic book shop or cruise on over to the DC Digital Store tomorrow for some extra-sized treats. With four new annuals hitting the streets, there will be plenty of costume-clad action taking placed long before the sun goes down. And if you’re more of an after-dark person, we have you covered there as well.

Tuesday Roundup: October 23rd

For someone on the run and laying low, Calvin Rose has sure been seen in a lot of places. Making his debut during Zero Month in September, this week marks the release of TALON #1, and to help celebrate this new character and series, we decided to give fans two different first-looks at this first issue. You can find links to both of them below, along with eye-opening interviews from Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti on All-Star Western, Dan Jugens on The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men and Scott Lobdell on Superman.


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