Tuesday Roundup: November 6th

Remember, remember the…er, seventh of November? Well, it may not work as well as a rhyme or hold any historical significance, but we want you to remember November 7th. That’s the day the next batch of great new DC comics hit your local shop. Though, if you’ve been reading “Rise of the Third Army,” “Rotworld,” or “Hawkman: Wanted,” we don’t see how you could forget! All three exciting storylines get new installments on Wednesday, and considering the cliffhangers some of those titles left off with last month, you’ve likely been counting the days.

Tuesday Roundup: October 30th

For most people out there, tomorrow’s all about cool costumes and candy. But if you’re a DC fan, you’re definitely going to want to make sure you hit your local comic book shop or cruise on over to the DC Digital Store tomorrow for some extra-sized treats. With four new annuals hitting the streets, there will be plenty of costume-clad action taking placed long before the sun goes down. And if you’re more of an after-dark person, we have you covered there as well.

Tuesday Roundup: October 23rd

For someone on the run and laying low, Calvin Rose has sure been seen in a lot of places. Making his debut during Zero Month in September, this week marks the release of TALON #1, and to help celebrate this new character and series, we decided to give fans two different first-looks at this first issue. You can find links to both of them below, along with eye-opening interviews from Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti on All-Star Western, Dan Jugens on The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men and Scott Lobdell on Superman.

Tuesday Roundup: October 16th

Everyone has their favorites in comics. Favorite characters. Favorite writers. Favorite artists. But every now and then, it’s fun, refreshing and absolutely essential to welcome someone new to the fold. After all, all of your favorites were once brand new themselves.


Tuesday Roundup: October 9th

Is it possible to be both giddy and absolutely terrified at the same time? Well, if the start of this week has taught us anything, it would have to be that the answer to that question is yes. There’s no other way to describe how we’re feeling about the start of “Death of the Family” this week. The Joker returns to Gotham and makes his DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 debut in what’s looking to be one of the most terrifying storylines to hit the pages of Batman in ages. And talk about impact! When a villain like the Joker returns, he doesn’t just affect one hero. Not with his history.

Tuesday Roundup: October 2nd

Usually when there’s talk of new blood in Gotham, it’s time for Gordon to light the bat-signal. But there’s no cause for alarm this week. In fact, there’s reason for celebration as the new Detective Comics creative team makes its eagerly anticipated debut. Writer John Layman and artist Jason Fabok launch a brand new, eight-issue story arc with Wednesday’s DETECTIVE COMICS #13, and you can take your first look at it below (we think “hard-hitting” is an apt description of it).

Tuesday Roundup: September 25th

Regardless of which DC comics are your favorites, it’s been a great month. Between gaining some important insight into your favorite characters’ histories and meeting some intriguing new heroes in debuting titles like Sword of Sorcery, Team 7 and The Phantom Stranger, there’s been a lot to celebrate throughout Zero Month. But before we shut the door on this exciting month-long event and begin the discussions and debates on which zero issues were our favorites, we have one more exciting week to get through.

Tuesday Roundup: September 18th

With a single word, young Billy Batson gains the power of the gods and becomes the magical superhero known as…let’s say it together now…SHAZAM! And that’s fitting because it would take the strength of Hercules to keep us out of our local comic shop this Wednesday with some of the great comics hitting stands.

Tuesday Roundup: September 11th

Zero month is all about going back to the beginning for DC COMICS – THE NEW 52. However, while most of them will be returning to the present day next month, there’s one brand new monthly title that will stay in the past. Team 7 is one of the latest titles to join DC Comics – The New 52, and while it has strong links to current titles like Justice League, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Grifter and Deathstroke, it’s set five years in the past when super-powered heroes like Superman were first arriving on the scene. So what does that mean?

Tuesday Roundup: September 4th

Labor Day was yesterday, which means we’ve officially said sayonara to summer. Sniff… We’re sad to see it go, too. But don’t fret, there’s a lot of good stuff just on the horizon for comic book fans, after all, tomorrow marks the start of Zero Month here at DC. (Well, if you want to get technical, last Saturday was September 1st, so we suppose THAT was the start…but you get the point.) We’re getting things going in a big way with zero issues for Green Lantern, Detective Comics, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Dial H and more!


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