WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS, Part 3: Guy Gardner vs. Hal Jordan

The War of the Green Lanterns continues in its third installment, “Breaking Bad,” when the Corps become brainwashed by someone controlling them through their rings. In turn, Guy Gardner turns to Hal Jordan, the only other Lantern not affected by the powers that be that he can reach. But when a distress call turns into a civil brawl, Guy and Hal must first face off against one another before they can save the rest of their team.

The War of the Green Lanterns Begins Here

If any Green Lantern were to be officially labeled the antithesis of the Guardians of the Universe, it would be Hal Jordan. As a result of the death of his father, he refused to acknowledge fear, living a life of risk and insubordination. When the legendary lantern known as Abin Sur tragically died, the ring selected Hal Jordan as his replacement. Despite great debate among the Guardians on the very idea of a human drafted into the Corps, the ring had never chosen unwisely.


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