The Dinosaurs are Magical!? Better call Zatanna...

Superman and Power Girl's battle against dinosaurs in NYC takes a grave twist when they discover these aren't just normal dinosaurs - they're magical dinosaurs. Luckily, Power Girl has a magician on speed-dial. Not-so-luckily it seems that Zatanna isn't able to answer the phone at this moment...

Judd Winick and Sami Basri's POWER GIRL #23, the newest issue of one of the funniest superhero books on shelves right now, and hits comic shops next week.

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Zatanna Gets "Unstrung"

Last we saw Zatanna, Oscar Hempel reversed the curse her father had put on him and had instead turned our leading lady into a marionette. With the help of an old friend, Zatanna must regain control of her powers, body, and mind in order to save herself from being locked away in a glass display case – and exact revenge on the man who tried to imprison her for all eternity.

Oscar Hempel's Revenge

When Zatanna brings Oscar Hempel to Shadowcrest, her family’s mansion, to try and reverse the spell her father placed on him, little does she know his villainous intentions. The power hungry marionette will stop at nothing to become human again – and exact revenge on the bloodline that turned him into a puppet in the first place.

“Strung Along” is the latest chapter in Paul Dini’s darkly comic “Pupaphobia” storyline. Featuring art by Cliff Chiang, ZATANNA #10 is in stores now.

Cliff Chiang talks about drawing Zatanna (and a sneak peek at an epic puppet battle)

Next week's ZATANNA #9 is part 2 of Paul Dini's "Pupaphobia" story arc - with art duties covered by the always-terrific Cliff Chiang.

Cliff shared a few words with The Source about his experience working with Paul Dini on the Zatanna comic:

"It's easy to fall back on the obvious stuff when you've got a woman in fishnets and thigh-high boots, but Paul writes Zatanna with so much personality and humor. It's been a pleasure and a challenge to bring that character to life. I'm really glad to hear people are enjoying my work on it."

What is pupaphobia, and why does Zatanna suffer from it?

After clowns, puppets are the most unnecessarily terrifying thing on the planet. Fear of puppets is so common that the phobia has a scientific name: "pupaphobia". It turns out Zatanna also suffers - but why should a sorceress be afraid of little wooden men in cheap suits?

Paul Dini and the always-sensational Cliff Chiang kick off "Pupaphobia" -- a three-part story beginning in ZATANNA #8, on sale Wednesday.

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A few variants for Tuesday

It’s that time again. Your weekly dose of lovely variant cover and new regular cover art has arrived. What’s in store? How about BRIGHTEST DAY #13 by David Finch? If that’s not enough, we also have DCU: LEGACIES #7 by Brian Bolland, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #51 by Mark Bagley and ZATANNA #7 by Stephane Roux. Enjoy!

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A few variant covers for Tuesday

We’ve got another batch of nice variant cover art to unveil, including Lee Garbett’s gritty BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #6 cover, Gary Frank’s masterful take on GREEN ARROW #5, another lovely Cliff Chiang JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST cover, Gene Ha’s take on SUPERMAN #704 and the latest from regular WONDER WOMAN and ZATANNA variant cover artists Alex Garner and Brian Bolland, respectively.

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