Lex's quest for power - specifically, the power wielded by the Black Lantern ring -- continues, as writer Paul Cornell and artist Pete Woods' second issue ups the ante for the villainous star. Buckle in for a greatest hits tour of the DCU's most wanted as Lex Luthor continues his epic hunt, with covers by superstar artist David Finch. [gallery link="file"]

David Finch takes on BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT as writer/artist

We promised big news. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. When we announced superstar artist David Finch was going to be joining the ranks of the DC NATION, it was with the news that he’d be handling the covers on BRIGHTEST DAY and ACTION COMICS. But not only is Finch a all-star caliber cover artist, he’s a master storyteller. Fans got a taste of the compelling narrative Finch can create visually with the pages he did in BATMAN #700, paired with writer Grant Morrison. But we can now add another credit to Finch’s vast resume: writer/artist. Of an ongoing Batman series.

First look: Paul Cornell steps into ACTION COMICS

The new creative team of writer Paul Cornell and artist Pete Woods – along with amazing covers from a certain Mr.Finch – dive into the world of Metropolis with ACTION COMICS #890, an oversized issue that puts the spotlight squarely on a frighteningly familiar face (how’s that for alliteration?): Lex Luthor. And while the issue’s still a few weeks off, we figured it was high time to get a look at the work of Paul and Pete, so click away. ACTION COMICS #890 hits 6/30. [gallery link="file"]

Editor Wil Moss on the JIMMY OLSEN co-feature

Superman's pal takes center stage when a new JIMMY OLSEN co-feature starts in September's ACTION COMICS #893! Written by rising star Nick Spencer (of such buzzed-about Image mini-series as EXISTENCE 2.0, FORGETLESS and the upcoming MORNING GLORIES) and drawn by R.B. Silva (who's drawing July's SECRET SIX #23), this co-feature promises to be a whole lotta fun. We'll let Nick tell you a little about his take on Jimmy:


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