Two great villains in a meeting of minds...

We've shown a tiny bit of Action Comics #897's Lex Luthor / Joker match-up, but the issue's just too good not to share more of it in advance. That Paul Cornell and Pete Woods are able to capture everything we love about these two deranged villains so well in a single scene really speaks wonders about just how great they've been on this book.

ACTION COMICS #897 is on sale Wednesday. (You can place your guesses at the answers to The Joker's riddles in the comments below.)

DCU in 2011: David Finch and special guests contribute to ACTION COMICS' 900th issue

Action Comics hits a big milestone issue this year, and it only seems appropriate it gets a top-notch cover from a top-notch artist.

Without further ado, David Finch's cover to ACTION COMICS #900:


Superman versus (I'll argue) his greatest villain. How much more apropos can you get for a landmark cover to Action Comics?

Reading the lists and checking 'em twice

It’s the end of the year and, if you’re like me this year, that means there’s still some last minute shopping to be done. Need help seeking out the perfect gift for your comic book loving friends and family? Just check out the latest and greatest best of 2010 lists...

Lex Luthor makes Scandal Savage an offer she can't refuse

Why are the Secret Six helping Lex Luthor? Lex doesn't want to take Vandal

Savage on by himself, so he hires Scandal and her teammates to lend him a

hand against the immortal villain.

But why would they agree to help him? What does Lex Luthor offer that would

convince the Secret Six to help out the most notorious man in Metropolis?

ACTION COMICS #896 is the first of a two-part crossover with Secret Six #29,

and hits stores on Wednesday.

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