Announcing the Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Covers for BATMAN #17, GREEN ARROW #17 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1

With less than a week until Emerald City Comic Con, it’s time to announce the con exclusive covers for some of DC Comics’ most popular series!

Available for $10 each at the DC Collectibles Boutique at the Graphitti Designs booth #1910, the ECCC exclusive variant covers for BATMAN #17, GREEN ARROW #17 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 are all must have collector’s items.

Jeff Lemire Talks GREEN ARROW #17

Back in October, you got a taste of writer Jeff Lemire’s interpretation of Oliver Queen when he co-wrote the back-up story in JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 with Geoff Johns. And starting next month, Lemire’s new writing duties on GREEN ARROW kick off with issue #17, further expanding his gritty and noir take on the Justice League of America member.


MTV Announces New Justice League of America Books for February

Back in August, we told you that in 2013, we’d be launching JUSTICE OF LEAGUE AMERICA from the superstar creative team of Geoff Johns and artist David Finch. Today, we’re pleased to tell you that the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA news only starts there.

I,VAMPIRE: A Love Story

You may think I,VAMPIRE is a horror story about blood thirsty vampires, but writer Joshua Hale Fialkov would argue that at it’s heart, the series is a love story.

"All great stories are love stories,” says Fialkov. “Sometimes they're about two people in love, or two people falling out of love, or a man in love with vengeance, or, a man in love with Truth, Justice, and the American Way. All of the characters we love are motivated almost entirely by love.”


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