The legacy behind DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES

This blog is always fun, but sometimes, you get a surprise in your inbox that reminds you why doing this each day is cool. Today was one such day, as I got a nice note from superstar artist Andy Kubert, who’s being doing a bang-up job on the first two issues of DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES, paired with his legendary father on inks. It seems Andy found a photo that typifies both the project and the legacy behind it, as we see father Joe Kubert giving a young Andy some pointers. Thanks for sending this, Andy, and let’s hear a few words about the photo:

Continue to explore the history of the DCU with LEGACIES #2

In the second installment of writer Len Wein’s epic tale of the early days of the DC Universe, the exploits of the mystery men and other emerging heroes inspire the everyday populace to fight crime. Groups like the Justice Society of America encourage regular citizens to action: Meet the Newsboy Legion and more. Meanwhile, the Seven Soldiers of Victory unite against an unusual enemy. Featuring the artwork of superstars Andy Kubert, the legendary Joe Kubert, Scott Kolins and J.H. Williams III. DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES #2 hits tomorrow.

Batman hits the high seas in RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #3

Yanick Paquette steps into the artist’s chair and joins forces with writer Grant Morrison to tell a pirate’s tale – featuring our hero, a time-lost Bruce Wayne, struggling to find his way back home as some of his own friends struggle to prevent it from happening. But let’s see if he survives a dangerous bout with something more dangerous than seasickness. BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #3 hits 6/23. [gallery link="file"]


As promised, we’ve got an all-star lineup of posts, art and comments rolling out this week. All celebrating the 700th issue of BATMAN. First up, we have a look at an interior page from superstar artist Andy Kubert’s contribution to Grant’s BATMAN #700 story, along with comments from the venerable Mr. Kubert himself. Take it away, Andy! batm700-196

Get a first look at RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #2

It’s not longer a question of IF Bruce Wayne is alive, but WHEN. And in this second issue, written by Batman virtuoso Grant Morrison with stunning artwork from Frazer Irving, we see Bruce timeslip into another era of Gotham, with plenty of surprises to keep our amnesiac Dark Knight busy. Click below for a few pages. BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #2 hits 5/26. [gallery link="file"]


In addition to the 75th anniversary covers we’ll be rolling out here on The Source this week and beyond, we’ve also got a first look at DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES #1 for you. As some of you know, LEGACIES spans five generations of heroes, from the dawn of the Mystery Men to the present. In the first issue, the Second World War rages on, setting the stage for the debut of a new hero. Masked myths become legends as they begin to step outside of the shadows to earn their place in history.

Take a look at Pirate Batman variant cover for RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #3, by Yanick Paquette

We’ll have a first look at BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1 later this week, but to tide you over until then, we’ve got a new image for you to enjoy. While, as most of you know, superstar artist Andy Kubert is handling cover duties for the entire series, the variants are being provided by each issue’s interior artist. You’ve seen the variants to #1 and #2 in this space already, but why stop there? Here’s Pirate Batman in all his glory, courtesy of artist Yanick Paquette:


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