An underwater danger threatens Aquaman -- and the Demon

We've had an exciting flurry of J. Michael Straczynski news in the past week or so, and we can understand if you're jonesin' to read his upcoming work on SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN. Well, have you checked out BRAVE AND THE BOLD yet? In issue #32, a horrifying lost city has risen at the bottom of the ocean, and Aquaman must call on the supernatural might of Etrigan, the Demon to stand between humanity and the dark menace that lurks inside that forgotten realm. An undersea chiller courtesy of the team of JMS and artist Jesus Saiz.

BRAVE AND THE BOLD #32 hits 3/17.

DCU IN 2010: Special edition of DC NATION


Hey, Dan DiDio here with special edition Digital DC Nation. And if you’ve been following The Source all this week you’ve gotten your first glimpses of the post Blackest Night DC Universe and a sneak peek as some the amazing stories and books we have planned for the 2010.

J. Michael Straczynski on BRAVE AND THE BOLD #29

A thing that lives… and fights for its soul. The shambling walking doll that is Brother Power, the Geek has been reborn in Gotham City without a home or purpose. Could destiny have something in store for this seemingly lost relic? And why does his appearance cut into Batman's heart like none of Gotham's strange monsters ever has before? Well, you'll have to read the issue to find out. In the meantime, we have a very special guest post from Straczynski himself, and believe me when I say you're all in for a treat. Take it away, Joe:


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