Go Spelunking with Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye

CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE #1 is the third title from DC's Young Animal imprint to come to shelves. It's both similar and different from DOOM PATROL and SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL. Similar in that the comic plucks an obscure character out of DC Comics history and puts him in the spotlight of his own somewhat off-kilter story. Different in that it has a vibe and look all its own.

Editor Rachel Gluckstern on the next wave of Red Circle characters

DC Nation, it’s Go Time. The second wave of the Red Circle heroes is upon us! And with them, an array of talent so dizzying, you may need some Dramamine after this post! So hold on tight and read on! It all begins in The Shield #5 when Marco Rudy brings the Jaguar to life as the Shield battles Nazi robots deep in the Brazilian jungle. Check out Marco’s amazing design as he showcases the feral side of this mysterious new hero! Will he help the Shield – or hurt him?
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