Exclusive preview of HUNTRESS #5

In HUNTRESS #5, Helena continues traveling through Italy to seek justice against the treacherous Moretti and his flock of mobsters. Her next mission? Assault an ancient monastery that’s guarded by the Italian military. But can Helena make it inside and find the culprit she’s looking for before she gets caught? Don’t miss the penultimate issue of HUNTRESS, written by Paul Levitz and illustrated by Marcus To and Richard Zajac. Look for it in stores tomorrow. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Exclusive preview of LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN #4

The Legion continues to form as new members join the team. But will the addition of these new faces be enough to stop an army of marauding machines? And when the Legion is given a new mission, which member of the Justice League will they turn to for help? LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN #4 comes to you from the creative team of Paul Levitz, Chris Batista and Marc Deering, and arrives in stores next Wednesday. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]


Last week, we announced DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 “Second Wave,” featuring six new series coming in May. In WORLDS’ FINEST, writer Paul Levitz jumps between parallel Earths, following the story of Earth 2’s Huntress and Power Girl as they struggle to find their way back home. But fans of these heroes should keep in mind that they aren’t the Huntress and Power Girl we know so well.


In the story so far, the Italian adventures of HUNTRESS have been an exciting mix of glamour and danger. The fourth issue maintains the intrigue as its eponymous heroine settles even further into her private war against Moretti and his mob. From the creative team of Paul Levitz, Marcus To and John Dell, HUNTRESS #4 is in stores tomorrow. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Exclusive Preview of HUNTRESS #3

In the first couple issues of HUNTRESS, Helena Bertinelli traveled to Italy and swore to take down a man by the name of Moretti, one of the most powerful mob bosses in Europe. In HUNTRESS #3, Helena’s mission sends her to the ancient ruins of Pompeii. While there, she is challenged to battle by a man whose identity is only revealed as the Lion of Kufra. But can Helena defeat him and all of the other obstacles in her way before its too late to find Moretti and bring him to justice?

Exclusive preview of HUNTRESS #2

In the first issue of HUNTRESS, you were introduced to Helena Bertinelli, who just arrived in Italy in hopes of tracking down a ruthless criminal. In issue #2 (on sale today), Helena’s mission continues as she stalks her prey and attempts to sabotage the secret delivery of a weapon shipment to him. But with Moretti’s men in full protection mode, can Helena stop him from receiving the weapons while also saving the innocent people he is exploiting?

From The Editor’s Desk: Kwanza Johnson on LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN

My background is in online and digital media, which folks are saying is the future of comic books. So perhaps my evangelization of new technology (i.e. not evil fax machines; bane of my existence), apprehension to papercuts and healthy diet of Millennial broadcastings are why I was assigned to edit LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN, a space saga that takes place in the 31st century of the DC Universe. Note that I wrote space saga.

Exclusive Preview of LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN #1

Who attempted to assassinate R.J. Brande? What threat brought together the United Planets? What led to the creation of the Legion of Super Heroes? In the new 6-issue miniseries, LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN, industry legend and LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES writer Paul Levitz and artists Chris Batista and Marc Deering answer these questions--and more. The series, in stores next week, brings new insight into the world of the DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 in the 31st Century. Here's the very first look at the series.


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