DC Comics All Access: Bob Harras

And so we come to Week Four–marking the end of September, the month that ushered in the debut of DC Comics-The New 52 and the unprecedented transformation of the entire DC Universe. It’s hard to believe we’re finally here because for us September started a long time ago. Let me explain:

It’s been quite a ride since the writers conference that initiated this evolution. It’s been a year of pitch meetings, story conferences and design sessions that often went far into the night. It’s been a year of hard work on everyone’s part and truth be told – it’s been a lot of fun.

From Lost to International

Last year I found myself editing a little bi-weekly called GENERATION LOST. When it landed in my lap, I was suddenly transported back to being an eight-year-old in an airport in Chicago when I was traveling on my own to see my dad in North Dakota. I had five bucks in my pocket and I picked up my first JLI (that’s JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL for you folks that aren’t in the know). I remember being like, “Holy cow! Comics are filled with action and comedy? No way!”


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