Smallville (2001 - 2011)

Emerging from his darkest hour, only to find the path to his destiny blocked by ghosts from the past, Clark finds himself tempted toward darkness at every turn by shadows in the present. Despite insurmountable odds, will Clark be powerful enough to step into the light and claim his rightful place as Earth's mightiest protector? This modern retelling of a hero's legendary origins continues to blend realism, action, heart and humor as Clark Kent soars toward claiming his birthright
Tom Wellling
Erica Durance
Cassidy Freeman
Justin Hartley
Executive Producers: 
Alfred Gough
Miles Miller
Kelly Souders
Brian Peterson
James Marshall
Mike Tollin
Brian Robbins
Joe Davola
Tom Welling


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Tonight, Destiny Awaits

After over two-hundred episodes, tonight marks the final episode of The CW’s Smallville. For ten seasons, we’ve watched Clark Kent grow into the man he’s destined to be. The two-hour Smallville series finale airs on The CW starting at 8:00 pm (EST). [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]


Welcome to day two of the DCU in 2011 on THE SOURCE. Throughout the day, we’ll hint at what’s to come for the Man of Tomorrow. We’re kicking things off with an exclusive image we received from our friends at The CW. and it’s… well, I’ll let the image speak for itself.

THE SOURCE presents a new 'Absolute Justice' SMALLVILLE clip

A couple weeks back, we unveiled a new clip from Smallville's "Absolute Justice," an epic two-hour episode written by our very own Geoff Johns, which showcases the Justice Society of America, the first superhero team ever. And, as most of you know, that team of heroes is near and dear to Geoff's heart and also to comic fans across the globe. So why stop at one? We're happy and honored to unveil a second clip from the episode, which airs this Friday.

Experience ADVENTURE COMICS #2 -- Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes

Geoff Johns and superstar artist Francis Manapul continue to tell the tale of the revived Conner Kent, as Superboy settles back into life in Smallville. But all is not well in Superman's hometown. And while Conner reunites with Wonder Girl to discuss their future, Lex Luthor and Brainiac form a partnership that will put the entire DCU at risk.


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