Eddie Berganza says hello, goodbye to SUPERMAN/BATMAN with #75


Wow, can't believe I'm saying goodbye to two of my babies at the same time.

My daughter Kim is going off to college and I'm leaving the editorial reigns of SUPERMAN/BATMAN.

Neither is easy.

But both got great going away parties.

For S/B#75 it was awesome putting together the list of attendees.

Prepare for an all-star celebration with SUPERMAN/BATMAN #75

Consider this an engraved invitation to a spectacular anniversary celebration, as writer Paul Levitz brings the World’s Finest face-to-face with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Lex Luthor has unleashed a threat so powerful it’s garnered the Legion’s attention in the distant future. But they can’t take him down without a trip to the past to recruit Batman and Superboy.

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