Supergirl: Cadmus Shows Their Might

Imagine you're so powerful that you're basically a god. You can fly. You're invulnerable. You're extraordinarily fast and strong. You're tasked with keeping an entire city safe. People look to you as a hero, a role model, and more. It's all a privilege, sure, but in some ways it's also a burden. You have to carry the weight of expectation, and even though you have a support system, no one truly understands. Considering those factors, it's no wonder Kara got so exuberant about having her cousin in town. He's the only other person who knows exactly what it's like to be her.

First Look: Supergirl's New Guardian

You can only be a sidekick for so long.

Supergirl is about to get a new vigilante this season, that is likely familiar to DC Comics readers—Guardian. However, the man behind the mask and famous shield may not be who you might expect. As Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed yesterday, it’s James Olsen. (Or Jimmy, if you’re the Man of Steel.)

Here’s your first look at the one-time photographer (as embodied by actor Mehcad Brooks) in his new digs…

Reader Recaps: The Suicide Squad Kneels Before Zod

With Rebirth now in full swing and so many exciting new titles to try, we can’t blame anyone for needing a reminder of what happened in the last issue. Or maybe you’re looking to add a new book to your list and need to get caught up on earlier chapters? Either way, we’re here to help. Every Tuesday, we’ll be recapping the prior issues of that week’s new Rebirth and Hanna-Barbera comics, as well as sharing our favorite moments. It’s a quick, easy way to ensure you’re up to speed and ready for New Comic Day.

Supergirl: Superman and Clark Kent Visit National City

Look! It's a new season, a new network, but it's still Supergirl. Kara Danvers and her friends and family returned to our screens in an all-new episode called "The Adventures of Supergirl." The Season 2 premiere established brighter, less cave-y digs for the DEO, it saw both Winn and Kara land different jobs, and featured the debut of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.

Breaking News: #DCTV Heroes Team Up to Take on the Dominators

This summer, fans got the news that the heroes of The CW’s four #DCTV shows would be teaming up for a four-episode crossover event—the largest crossover so far for the network. Details regarding the crossover are rather scarce, but we do know a few things. We know the event will feature Supergirl, the Flash, Green Arrow and the time-traveling crew of the Waverider. (Heck, we’ve even been given our first look at it.

DC Super Hero Girls Join Forces with Fifth Harmony

DC Super Hero Girls has shared plenty of life lessons in its animated shorts and books, but the most important may be this: With your friends at your side, you can do anything. Having a support system that you can turn to and share your worries, fears and successes makes facing the world easier. DC Super Hero Girls is putting even more emphasis on the importance of friendship by teaming up with pop group Fifth Harmony on the female empowerment anthem, "That's My Girl."

DC All Access: Win a LEGO Dimensions Prize Package

Fans have no idea what’s ahead on The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. But our VP of Creative Affairs Dan Evans does, and in today’s new episode of DC All Access, he’s spilling all kinds of secrets about the shows’ new seasons. Could we really see the Legion of Super-Heroes on Supergirl?


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