The Next Generation of Justice

A Legion Divided

Following the announcements of new first issues starring many DC’s legendary characters, we are releasing news of first issues for several of DC’s teenage heroes and young superteams. legion_lost_cv1isnhd732b

Robin vs. Red Robin! J.T. Krul breaks down Damian Wayne and Tim Drake

They both carry the Robin namesake, but Damian Wayne and Tim Drake have very different ways of doing things. So different, that when they cross paths in the upcoming RED ROBIN / TEEN TITANS crossover, things are sure to get interesting. Here’s the first page of TEEN TITANS #92, on sale now, where we get to see how the two Robins think of each other a la Batman and Superman.

Take a sneak peek at next week's WONDER GIRL

Cassie Sandsmark has mother issues. Her relationship with her father isn't on much better terms - she's the daughter of Zeus, yet she's done her best to steer clear of his influences. Even on a weekend getaway from the Titans Tower to visit her mother at an archeological conference, Wonder Girl can't seem to avoid a conflict - whether it's with her parents, or a supervillain. This WONDER GIRL one-shot by JT Krul and Adriana Melo features the first big role for new Titans hero Solstice and ties into the new arc of TEEN TITANS. The comic hits stores next Wednesday.


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