This Just Happened: How Many Barbara Gordons Are There???

Having had to leave his son behind for his own safety, Dick Grayson can’t stop thinking about the family he’s lost. First his beloved wife, Barbara Gordon; and now his son.

In CONVERGENCE #2, Grayson is overwhelmed with grief as he and Batman (Thomas Wayne) explore the mysterious cities in the land of Telos. As they enter a Batcave from another timeline/earth, the resemblance of the space to their own “Batcave” isn’t the only surprise…

This Just Happened: Help Wanted! Now Recruiting for The Gang of Harleys!

Do you consider yourself a “Brassy Lassie?” Have you ever been accused of being “insubordinate?” Are you looking to take a bite out of crime and be part of something bigger than yourself?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all these questions, you might be a good fit for Harley Quinn’s new offbeat start-up business: The Gang of Harleys. 

(A working knowledge of weapons is a plus.)


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