DC Nation heads to Chicago for C2E2 this weekend!

c2e2_2011_poster_111910 Chicago! The home of deep dish pizza and deceptively good burgers will play host to the second annual Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, better known as C2E2. Last year's inaugural show was a blast, and this year's should be even bigger and better.

On Death Traps, Underwater and Otherwise

Writer/artist Tony Daniel begins BATMAN #707 with Dick Grayson in a perilous situation. Yes, it's an underwater death trap with Batman, Luki Lo, Lucius Fox and Lucius' daughter Tamara plunging deeper and deeper into the water, possibly headed to their untimely deaths. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"] For some reason, I've always been partial to the idea of an underwater death trap. Why? I do not know.


Here are some variant covers to close out your day. First up? Alex Garner 's cover of WONDER WOMAN #608. Then, as always, Kevin Maguire delivers a great cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #21. [Updated] Yildiray Cinar (not Scott Kolins) has a variant to FLASH #10 as the prelude to FLASHPOINT continues. Last and certainly not least? A stunning variant of BATMAN AND ROBIN #21 by Tony S. Daniel. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

DCU in 2011: Tony Daniel dishes on upcoming BATMAN

It's rare enough that a creator comes along who can both write and draw, but it's even more impressive when one is able to deliver an outstanding product month after month on an ongoing title. Tony Daniel's done amazing work with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne in the pages of BATMAN, not only as artist but the current ongoing writer. Batman and Robin's lives won't be getting any easier in 2011, and Tony's provided a few words to tease some of the stories he's working on for this year:

Who is Batman's new ally?

When Gotham is paid a visit by a new hero who's as dangerous as she is beautiful, Batman must join forces with her to solve a mystery involving members of a highly secret order. Who is Peacock? What is her connection to I-Ching? And how is her arrival in Gotham connected a string of murders in the city's Chinatown district? Check out the preview below for clues. Tony Daniel does double duty on both art and script in BATMAN #705, in stores on Wednesday. [gallery link="file"]

BATMAN in NOVEMBER starts here

Sit tight folks, because it’s gonna be a BATMAN-centric day, and I don’t think you’d have it any other way. First up we have BATMAN #704, which marks the return of writer/artist Tony Daniel. Tony returns full force, bringing to bear his impressive array of talents for one hell of an issue. The story, which features guest spots from Bruce Wayne, Catwoman and a new, mysterious villain and the return of a classic foe, is packed with action that evokes the best of Batman’s past in an energetic and in-your-face way.

A sneak peek at BATMAN in February

If that stack comics on my desk (which I’ve kindly reposted above) from yesterday wasn’t clue enough, let me be frank: it’s an exciting time for Batman, and for Batman fans, like me. November lit the fuse and things are not slowing down. Come February, we’ve got the launch of J.H. Williams III and co.’s BATWOMAN ongoing, featuring co-writer W. Haden Blackman.


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