Uncle Sam gets the band back together in FREEDOM FIGHTERS #1

This week, the writing duo of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti team up with artist Travis Moore to launch the FREEDOM FIGHTERS into their own ongoing series. A national mystery unfolds when the government learns of the existence of a Confederate super weapon intended to insure the South won the Civil War. Who built it and why wasn't it used? With new challenges and old threats returning to plague them, the stakes are higher than ever. Can the Freedom Fighters stand by their duty when their country calls?

How about a look at the two ADVENTURE COMICS #7 covers?

The title is pretty ominous on its own: ADVENTURE COMICS STARRING BLACK LANTERN SUPERBOY. But what more can we reveal about the issue, which is written by Tony Bedard, with art by Travis Moore? Well, we're not saying a ton, but ADVENTURE COMICS editor Brian Cunningham has a few choice words to share. Take it away, Brian:
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