"Wonder Woman was my first introduction to superheroes and, later, my first introduction to comics books. She's always been a presence in my life and was very much the reason for my choosing comics as a career. Working on Wonder Woman over the last few months with Gail Simone and Greg Rucka has been an absolute highlight for me and I feel extremely privileged to be contributing to her landmark issue.

JMS brings together Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Batgirl in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #33

Eisner-nominee and incoming WONDER WOMAN writer J. Michael Straczynski pairs with GREENDALE artist Cliff Chiang for a special one-off story featuring the Amazon Princess and Zatanna, as the duo enjoy a nice, peaceful evening on the town that surely won't be interrupted by any kind of superheroic hijinks...

BRAVE AND THE BOLD #33 hits tomorrow.

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