The Green Arrow 101 Sale

Oliver Queen’s path from spoiled billionaire to heroic, emerald-hued vigilante fighting for the common man is filled with the struggle for survival, a life-changing lesson in personal responsibility, and too many arrows to count.


The LEGENDS Digital Comics Sale

What happens when the world turns against its heroes?
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and more—for years the heroes of the DC Universe have dedicated their lives to protecting the innocent and defending justice. But when G. Gordon Godfrey arrives and begins a hate campaign that outlaws super-heroic activities, the world's greatest find themselves fighting against the very people they swore to protect!

New DC Comics App Update – Now Features Integrated Social Media

Attention all digital comics readers – there’s a new, featured-filled update for the popular DC COMICS Android and iOS apps. The new update, available for free download today, answers what has been the #1 request from digital comics readers since the launch of the DC COMICS app – social media sharing.  Now you can tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter exactly what you’re reading and encourage them to join in reading your favorite comics. 



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