The Flash: Who Wouldn’t Want to Visit the Flash Museum?

This week, The Flash finally returned to our television screens in an episode with, possibly, their most awesome title to date—“Borrowing Problems From the Future.” It’s a clever nod back at the recent trend of Barry Allen messing around with the timeline and having to deal with the ramifications, although does not tip its hat to the awesome HR Wells subplot that runs around tonight’s episode like a crazy person. It is an absolute dream to watch Tom Cavanagh bring to life the most eclectic Multiverse version of Harrison Wells that we have seen so far.

Wrapping Up Rebirth

For DC fans, Rebirth was THE event of 2016. A line-wide reset of many of DC’s ongoing titles that has brought new relevance and creativity to the entire DC Universe, Rebirth has driven discussion among fans since it launched at the end of May with Geoff Johns’ DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1.

DC All Access: Win a Rebirth Comic and Poster Signed by Geoff Johns

Tiffany and Jason are back in New York for a special east coast episode of DC All Access. And like a great slice of pizza, we’ve loaded this episode up. First, we round up this week’s DC news and comic releases, stopping to talk to Ethan Van Sciver about this week’s world-shattering DC Universe: Rebirth. Then we get the goods on The Flash’s upcoming season from the cast. Could more adorableness between the Flash and Supergirl lay ahead? Finally, we wrap things up by giving you a chance to win a cool “Rebirth” prize package signed by Geoff Johns. Check it out!


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