Batman Day One-Day ebook Sale

For one day only, get 18 Batman ebooks for just $3.99 each. The landmark Batman stories featured in this sale  include: BATMAN VOL. 1: THE COURT OF OWLS, BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, BATMAN: EARTH ONE and more. Act fast because this sale will disappear faster than Batman when Jim Gordon turns his back on him.

A Triple Threat of Batman Day Sweepstakes

Batman Day is coming, and like with any good party, there WILL be prizes. In fact, in planning for our Batman Day giveaway, we gathered so many great Caped Crusader-themed prizes that one sweepstakes just wasn’t going to be enough. So instead, we have not two, but three different Batman Day Sweepstakes for you to enter. That’s three chances to win!

Here’s the skinny on each one…

Five Things to Look For When Gotham Returns (and One Thing to Not)

When last we left the guys and gals of Gotham, a lot had happened. The Penguin had finally ascended to the top of the Gotham underworld after Fish Mooney appeared to fall to her death. Don Falcone had left the city, and with Maroni dead, it would appear that the criminal old guard is no more. Barbara Kean had flipped out, murdered her parents and tried to kill Leslie Thompkins. Detective Gordon had vowed to bring down the corrupt Commissioner Loeb. Bruce Wayne had found a hidden cave beneath his father’s study.

DC Collectibles - Batman Day: "Save The Date"

Batman Day is September 26, 2015. You, uh, might want to save the date...

Video and action figures by DC Collectibles. For all the latest news and information on Batman Day:

Batman Day: Batman Goes 8-Bit!

Here at, we’re unabashedly old school when it comes to our gaming. Many of us are old enough to remember when game controllers had a whole four buttons (not counting the gamepad) and were shaped like small bricks. In fact, the only thing that may be cooler than classic videogames is Batman. And seeing how Batman Day is just about a week away now…well, there seemed like no better time to bring a little 8-Bit creativity to the world of the Dark Knight.

DC All Access - Top 10 Must See Moments from Gotham Season 1

Sometimes creepy, sometimes colorful and always very cool, Gotham returns with a brand new season on Monday. In this exclusive DC All Access clip, we celebrate by looking back at the show's first season, narrowing down its many memorable moments to arrive at our Top Ten.

Looking for more on Gotham?

Be sure to check out our interview with the cast:

David Mazouz drops by the DC office with a new Season 2 clip:

For all the latest Gotham news and announcements:

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The Great Batman Banner Hunt is On!

Batman Day is Saturday, September 26, and to help fans like you get into the spirit, we’ve updated many of our Facebook banners. Perhaps you noticed.

That’s the new banner you’ll find on our Aquaman Facebook page. Yes, they celebrate Batman Day in Atlantis. And no, I don’t know how they keep their free Batman comic book from getting sopping wet. But what's really important is...

DC All Access: Win a Signed Gotham Season 1 Collection and GCPD Replica Badge

Today's DC All Access is a pretty nice score for Gotham fans. Along with a lively interview with actor David Mazouz and an exclusive scene from Gotham's upcoming second season, it offers fans a chance to win a Blu-Ray edition of Gotham: The Complete First Season signed by Mazouz along with a detailed GCPD replica badge from DC Collectibles. Check it out!


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